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Good Morning Unique Ones!

Happy Monday and welcome to a brand new week. I know that I normally post on Wednesdays and Fridays but I am taking some off time this week and possibly for the rest of the month to work on a few projects for both my blog and my business.

One of those special projects is….A NEWSLETTER!

Yep, I am working on creating a weekly newsletter, slated for release in September. This newsletter- The Optimist Weekly will be packed with creative ideas, inspiration and motivation, not mention weekly journal prompts, sneak peeks into new blog posts and special offers too.

I don’t want you to miss it, so please take just a minute to sign up here! Please know that I will not use sell your information and know that you can opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time.

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ENDURING MUSINGS: She Who Creates- Lindsey Adams

Celebrating Innovative Sisterhood
Celebrating Innovative Sisterhood

At first sight, when you see Lindsey Adams, you see a beautiful, lively being with fabulous natural hair but after she shares her story with you, you realize that Ms. Adams is an inspirational force to be reckoned with.

Lindsey then and Lindsey now!
Lindsey then and Lindsey now!

Lindsey M. Adams is an obesity survivor who lost over 140 pounds without surgery  and the owner of Lindsey M. Adams, LLC.  Lindsey is a  motivational speaker and weight loss coach, helping people break free from the bondage of obesity. Through her speaking engagements  and leadership, she shares her story of awakening,  provides resources that have worked for her, practical advice and strategies for weight loss.  Through her hands on approach, Lindsey keeps her clients organized and  accountable for their own success in her program which helps eliminate the anxiety, fear and discouragement many people experience during weight loss. Lindsey aids her audiences and customers with organized speeches that are personal, entertaining and inspiring.

I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Lindsey speak about her breakthrough and it was so moving. By the time she was finished, I was on the verge of tears and truly motivated. What I have come to love about Lindsey’s mission is that it’s not size specific, meaning that you can be 250 pounds or you can 150 pounds, no matter where you are on the scale, Lindsey speaks directly to your heart.

For the essence of She Who Creates, I asked Lindsey a few questions about what inspires her and how she was able to turn her testimony into a business. Here’s what she had to say:

What inspired your weight loss?

My accountability partner, Stacey confronted me about my weight. At 5’5, I was over 300 lbs. She had the revelation of the devil’s plan to kill me through my weight. I was in a life or death situation with sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I was malnourished and suffering from extremely dehydration. I was able to commit because Stacey gave me the book  Devil I’m Training My Healthy Back  by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu. This book provided me with the basic principals of health and I was able to renew my mind enough to fight for my life.

 What motivates you to keep up the fabulous work?

Having a plan is a great motivator for me. I have to set goals. The past motivates me to walk in wisdom, learn from my mistakes and to keep growing. I am motivated to achieve what my parents have and more. I am also motivated by the great need in this world for love and that I have the power of God in me to achieve anything in His will.


When did you realize that your journey was your professional calling?

When I lost the weight I knew it was my calling, because the world and I would have never thought I was going to be a survivor obesity. I was supposed to die fat, deal with obesity related disease and live under my purpose and potential. But once I accepted grace, yielded to authority and worked my butt off, I lost 140 lbs, one pound at a time.

I realized that I was a walking miracle when my then doctor Kwame Fouche asked why I had not vlogged about weight loss journey when I had a successful Youtube channel. He encouraged me to share it and the video blew all my  other videos out the water. Then, in September of 2013, I attended the  ARISE Entrepreneurship Program; entrepreneur and business owner, Summer Alexander told me I could monetize my story and that I was sitting on my own nest egg. She believed in my ability to have a business as a motivational speaker.

 How do you want to inspire others through your business?

To break free of the bondage of obesity, to let go of laziness and overeating in order to bring them into a better relationship with God. To speak, act, dress and live as their best selves. To be able to see that God loves them, knows them and understands them through seeing His mighty hand throughout their weight loss journey. To know that by submitting to the process that I speak and vlog about, God will use them to be the light to others around them.

 What advice can you offer anyone looking to turn their testimony into a business?

To ensure first that God is in their business. You must first understand your purpose and that you have sought wise counsel and advice about your purpose/business. Accept that your business will change others lives, but give all the glory back to God. You are just the vessel being used. Get ready for warfare. Fighting doubt, laziness and procrastination is a big part of the purpose driven assignment.

Lindsey M. Adams  is a national speaker at workshops, seminars, conferences and conventions. She also offers one-on-one weight loss coach helping others lose weight.

For information and inspiration, check out Lindsey’s blog:

Be sure to LIKE Lindsey’s Facebook Page for daily does of faith, style and inspiration.

Chicagoans! Don’t miss Lindsey’s WIN@Weight Loss event. Lindsey will be discussing her weight loss journey in depth, along with share the tools and resources that she has used along the way. Get your tickets today for just $20! Her early bird special goes through August 31st and you can get your tickets for just $15! Order your tickets here.

If you would like to be featured in my She Who Creates series, contact me at SUBJECT: She Who Creates.



ENDURING LIFE: TEW2 Book Launch Recap



This past Saturday, I was blessed with an opportunity to be a part of the social media team for the TEW2 book launch.

TEW aka The Entrepreneur Within is an inspirational book made for entrepreneurs. The book was curated by Julie Holloway, a graphic design and entrepreneur. The book featured a handful of stories from fellow entrepreneurs that Julie has networked and/or worked with and their motivational advice on the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

The TEW moment took off and has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs- myself included, to truly discover and cultivate the entrepreneur within us all. When the secret came out that Julie was working on book two, the excitement was contagious.

Julie had brought together 18 business owners to share their stories of awakening, struggle and success and jam packed it all in The Entrepreneur Within 2!

The book launch took place on a beautiful Saturday morning on the patio of  a small, chic eatery known as BITES Asian Tapas.

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0214-002 TEW2Book Launch DSC_0222-005


Attendees of the book launch took in the causal scenery while we mingled with some of the authors of the second book, shared our excitement for the book and shopped with the vendors featured at the event.

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0243-010
Social media member, Kristen Hayman (Jane Thang Productions)  chats with Angelique Jackson, the Founding Executive Director of Miss Congeniality Girls during the event.


TEW2Book Launch DSC_0233-008
SPOTTED: Branding Specialist and She’s In Color founder Aaja Corinne came to celebrate the launch of TEW2 and congratulated Julie on her latest endeavor.
TEW2Book Launch DSC_0256-012
Branding Specialist, Aaja Corinne and the TEW proud momma herself, Julie Holloway!



TEW2Book Launch DSC_0262-013
The youngest entrepreneur in the room, Julie’s beautiful daughter, Jasmine Holloway. She was on site selling her THREE books and her hand pour candle brand, Jazz Hands!
TEW2Book Launch DSC_0274-015
OVERJOYED: I was when my mentor and inspiration, the Outcome Specialist herself, Donna Smith Bellinger walked in! She wrote the very first chapter of TEW2 and it’s a great chapter too.

The event featured a special discussion panel with a few of the authors and Julie too. When I wasn’t tweeting and taking pictures, I was taking notes. These business owners not only know business but the know “the struggle” and what it means to follow your passion with a plan!
TEW2Book Launch DSC_0289-017

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0293-018



Life Coach and entrepreneur, Melanie Foote-Davis spoke on the importance of valuing one’s self. She advised that we should be sure to take care of ourselves while we are in the process of taking care of others from the inside out and carry that into our business endeavors.

Melanie explained that when building your business team, make sure that your potential team members’ vision is in alignment with yours before bringing him/her onto your tea,

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0298-019

Outcome Specialist, Donna Smith Bellinger discussed the art of “failing up.”


“Own into what your idea of success us and THAT is how you fail up.” She explained.

Julie also added that it’s vital to learn how to become a CEO of your business and not just a worker.

Author Michael Luchies reminded us that your business idea(s) isn’t for everyone! In fact, he introduced the  “one person target market” concept. He added that we should have a singular focus and encouraged us to kick one butt at a time!

Round two of the panel discussion featured more authors from TEW2. Their words of inspiration were fueled by faith and the art of changing your mindset.

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0318-022


Author Tiffany Green discussed the importance of prayer; not only praying for the good but also praying to control your thoughts. She added that “everything” starts with a thought. Green also suggested that when your pray, pray differently. Speak the things that you desire into existence.

TEW2Book Launch DSC_0323-021


Graphic Designer, Juanita White shared her breakthrough after suffering a serious injury. She encouraged the audience not to fear stepping out on faith and not to let fear stop you.

This panel of women were on fire with their advice on getting rid of negative thoughts, keeping the faith no matter where you are in your business and most importantly, knowing YOUR worth.

I think Jetta Bates, a lively Consumer Strategist said it best when she said, “Get paid what you are worth.” And added “There is room at the for ALL of us.”

The book launch closed out with thanks from Julie and the publishing company 220 Publishing. Attendees were able to purchase books and get chapters signed by featured authors.

There was something about this book launch that really reignited my spirit. I left the event feeling revived, energized and awakened from the inside out.


I am just a few chapters into TEW2 but I am hooked. Book 1 broke ground on a new and much needed movement and book 2 is setting the precedent for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Julie did confirm that book 3 is coming while the 4th installment is pending.

To purchase your copy of The Entrepreneur Within Book 1 and 2, go to

You can also stay updated on all things TEW on Facebook , click here to LIKE their page and follow TEW on Twitter too ( @TEWYou)

I will be sure to do a full review of TEW2 once I have finished too!

Until next time, stay blessed, productive and unique.




ENDURING LIFE: Optimist Weekly- Week of August 11th, 2014

Good Morning All and welcome to Monday.

We have been blessed with a new day and so with a new day, comes a new week and with a new week comes…..THE OPTIMIST WEEKLY!

I have to say that I am having some serious fun with these. They are exciting to create and they get me motivated for the week ahead. I hope they do the same for you.

So who’s ready for this week’s focus, words and note? Here it is:

OptimistWeekly Week of August 11th


Remember, you can also print this page and keep it some place special so you can reference it all throughout the week. And if you would like to check out previous weeks, click here.

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Until next time, stay blessed, productive and unique!



ENDURING MUSINGS: Dear Creatives…Get Back in the Game!

Dear Creatives,

Our time has come. Do you remember all those times we said that we would start this, accomplish that and that we would be THAT person one day? Well THAT project, THAT goal and THAT person are ready to shine.

It’s time.

It’s time to get back into the game- physically, mentally and emotionally. Today is the day that we stop doubting our talents and that “I CAN’T” is removed permanently from our vocabulary. Today, we will take those projects off the back burners.

Our time is now.

How much longer can we say, “I’ll do that one day” or “Someday, it’s gonna happen for me?” We all know that tomorrow is not promised so why not make our dreams come true NOW??

Let’s stop making excuses for the reasons why our dreams can not come true.

Low on funds? Barter your talents with some else’s. Sell your talents via Fivver :) Try freelancers or simply ask!

Lack of support from your “inner circle?” Find that ONE person who cheers you on after you fall down and ask him/her to be your primary support system.

No fan base? Build it day by day. Hell, Beyonce didn’t start out with billions of fans. Why should you?

Fear of rejection? Here’s a thought… they can’t reject what they’ve never seen or experience, right?

Fear of actual success? You can’t fear what you’ve never experienced yet.

Let’s stop wasting time with excuses, dust ourselves off and try again and again and again. Greatness never happens overnight; it takes a foundation of hard work, faith, determination and lessons/ Every goal, vision and dream we have ever had was given to us for a reason and the moment when we neglect them is the moment when we let our creative spirit die.

The time- OUR time is right now.

No more second guessing- we can do this and we WILL do it too.

Let’s get back in the game.

Stay blessed, productive and unique,



ENDURING LIFE: My 3rd Eye…My life in pictures.

Good Day Unique Ones and happy Wednesday. I pray that everyone’s week has been a blessed and productive one.

Today, I thought I would share some family life and some photos.

A few weekends ago, the family and I ventured to the Brookfield Zoo and of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take my camera (he’s been feeling neglected lately lol)



Despite the humidity, it was a beautiful day, the animals were a real delight and the overall sights of the zoo were awesome.

TheZoo5 TheZoo6 TheZoo22I think the last time we went to the zoo, Mr. Gray wasn’t even thought of yet.

He and the kids really enjoyed themselves while Gray introduced himself to every animal he could.

TheZoo9 TheZoo18




Days like this make me wonder what it be like to photography animals in their normal habitats. This day will go down in our family history book as a very fun time.

TheZoo20 TheZoo25Until next time, stay blessed and unique all!







ENDURING LIFE: The Optimist Weekly- Week of August 4th, 2014

Good Morning Unique Ones.

It’s Monday! Don’t gripe about a new day, rejoice in it and celebrate a day of renewal.

Today is the first official full week of August so that means it’s time to set some serious goals for this month and what better way to ignite some goals than with this week’s Optimist Weekly:

OptimistWeekly 08-04

May this week bring  you a week of improvement and evolution. You can print out this week’s weekly along with previous weeklys via my NEW Optimist Weekly Page!

Here’s a blessed, productive and groundbreaking week from me to you.

Until next time, stay blessed all!


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