10 Things to Journal About February 2015


Good Morning Optimists! Happy Friday.

I gotta say for this to be the first week of February, it has been dragging. Maybe it was the freak blizzard or “that” play from the Super Bowl (I’m still not over it myself.) Whatever it is, we need could all use some musing for the month, I know I sure could. So I’m here to share 10 things to journal about this month:

1. RELATIONSHIP GOALS: I gotta say that it has been hilarious to see all the memes going around featuring these “goals” but I wanted to take the idea and really reflect on it this month.


2. SEAHAWKS: Who didn’t see the Super Bowl? And who has yet to hear about that terrible play? The aftermath of that play left me wondering about some of the bad calls I have had in my life.

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

3. SELF LOVE: February is the month of love and not just the lovey-dovey stuff, it’s also about self love. Take some time this month and reflect on you and how much you love yourself. And if you haven’t yet, join me in the Self Love Journal Challenge.


4. LAUGH: Who doesn’t love to laugh or a good joke? Enjoy and reflect on the gift of laughter this month.


5. SNOW: This snow has forced me to think about relocating. How about you?  Fill some pages with travel plans, destination ideas and even outfit inspirations.



6. PATIENCE: Despite having a name that means a form of it, I am still learning patience and with 2015 just beginning, we still have time work on our bad habits, especially patience. hourglass

7. COMFORT FOOD: Cold weather calls for great food! These cold nights have inspire me to whip up some yummy dishes. In fact, this month could be a good time to try out something new for the holidays.



8. BOOKS!!! Since the weather isn’t letting up anytime soon, books have become my getaway from the cold. This month, think about the books you’ll be reading for the rest of the year.


9. LOVE: You know I couldn’t complete this list without talking about the L-word <3 Enjoy all the benefits of love and remember to give love as often as you can.



10. ANTICIPATION: 2015 has really just begun and that means that we have so much to look forward too. This month reflect on some of the events and experiences you’re excited about in the upcoming months.

cat and fish


Happy Journaling, Optimists!

Until next time, stay blessed and inspired :)


ENDURING LIFE: Love You, February! Monthly Goals

MonthlyGoals February2015

Good Morning Optimists!

Well we are just a few days into February, so you know what that means?


Last month’s goals are in the bag but that doesn’t mean that we can’t reflect on them and use them to jump start our new goals for the next 28 days (or less).

In January, I spent time brainstorming my next book and I started the first draft. I also started working on my business plan and started saving up for my screen printing kit too.

I used the progress that I made with last month’s goals to inspire this month’s goals. Check out my goals, my current reading material and more:

This month’s goal chasing materials and motivators!
From my vision journal…. I am focusing on using creativity to chase my dreams, inspire others, live fearlessly and fully step into my role as an entrepreneur.
I'm still working on Time Management for the Creative Person. It's been inspiring and VERY helpful. In additional to that book, I just purchased Kickstarter for Dummies and it has consumed much  of my free time as I prepare for my latest project!
I’m still working on Time Management for the Creative Person. It’s been inspiring and VERY helpful. In additional to that book, I just purchased Kickstarter for Dummies and it has consumed much of my free time as I prepare for my latest project!
I love and appreciate the brainstorming  process.  Mind mapping has become my favorite brainstorming/planning technique of choice. It allows me to get every idea out and figure out the action steps I need for each goal.
I love and appreciate the brainstorming process. Mind mapping has become my favorite brainstorming/planning technique of choice. It allows me to get every idea out and figure out the action steps I need for each goal. SHOUT OUT TO MY ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER, SHONELL B!
A glimpse at this month's goals...
A glimpse at this month’s goals…

My goals for February are:

  • Launch my Kickstarter Campaign!: I am excited to launch this campaign. I will be submitted my application this month to raise funds to help me launch my brand, The Optimist Kit ! I have started the development process already and I am really learning as I go along. Making this campaign happen not only fulfills a goal but it is also me taking a HUGE step out of my comfort zone and leaving fear behind. I have also decided to document my progress from develop, launch and beyond with a vlog on my YouTube channel. You can check out my current videos and subscribe here.
  • Organize my first Google Hangout: I have been toying the idea of hosting a live stream event centered on journaling topics. I decided to ask around on a variety of social media platforms and the idea was highly suggested and recommended. So this month, I will be brainstorming and organizing my first ever hangout. I plan to host the event next month so I will keep you posted on the upcoming date and how to register soon!
  • My final goal- Finish the first draft of book #2: With the Kickstarter project consuming much of my free time and my work schedule increasing, I lost track of my progress with book #2. Writing this book is very important to me and I do not want to lose sight of completing this book. So I am getting my head back in the writing game to get  this book done! I plan on creating a writing schedule, drafting a writing contract (yep, it’s that serious) and removing various distractions during my writing time. (Sorry Instagram :()
In addition to my goals, I will also be taking part in my own Self Love Journal Challenge. Have you signed up?  You can do that here.
In addition to my goals, I will also be taking part in my own Self Love Journal Challenge. Have you signed up? You can do that here.
With all my goals set, I input them in my calendar based on the dues I have created for them.
With all my goals set, I input them in my calendar based on the dues I have created for them.

Here’s to a blessed, productive and positive month. What are your three goals for the month? Share your February goals with me in the comments below or on Instagram. Follow and tag me @the_enduringoptimist and use the hashtag #optimisticgoals in your post.

If you have yet to draft your monthly goals, print off a copy of my MonthlyGoalSetting worksheet.

Until next, stay blessed and productive!


ENDURING LIFE: Self Love Journal Challenge



Hey Optimists!

How have we been this week? I am back to posting on Wednesdays (I know…I know. I tried to do Mondays but Mondays are CRAZY!)

I’m also sitting home sick yet productive.

One of those things is my challenge for next month…The Self Love Journal Challenge! 

Last year, I did the Self-Love Letter Challenge. I really enjoyed the challenge and I wanted to create a new one for 2015. February highlights love and what better way to show some love than with self love.

Here are the details:

Challenge: Self Love Journal Challenge

Dates: February 1st- 28th (5 daily prompts with a weekend reflection prompt)


CREATE– Reflective journal entries that celebrate self love, focusing on various aspects of YOU!

INSPIRE– Us to love ourselves from the inside out.

MOTIVATE– Us to remind ourselves here after just how special and loved we really are!

Each week will feature the following focal points: MIND, BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT! 

Sign up today to get your prompts, self-loving tips, music and I’ll be giving away something each week.

BONUS GOODIE!!!! Print out my special challenge journal page to document your journey through this challenge: SelfLoveJournalPage

Until next time, stay blessed and loved!




ENDURING MUSINGS: Instant Journal Entry! “Currently”

(Photos via Google Images)
(Photos via Google Images)

I have a confession to make…

Sometimes I have no idea what to journal about. I know, I know…Shocking, right? Lol!!

I try to make it a habit to spend time with journal for at least 15 minutes a day and sometimes, it’s easier said than done. I say this because I work a 9 to 5 then I have the family to tend to. It gets rough to sit down and just stop.

When I do finally stop,  my body and brain are just a mess of ideas, worries, projects, deadlines and more. I want to reflect on my day or answer a prompt and other times, I just can’t focus on it all.

The solution…


Instant journal entries can be fun and can create a break from serious reflection, inspire more positive thinking and motivate us to write more.

One of my favorite instant journal entries is the CURRENTLY entry.

Photo via http://www.punkprojects.com

Currently entries are just how they sound; the entries are a rundown of what you are currently thinking, reading, watching, etc. I like to think of these entries as a scatterbrain’s playground.


Because we (ya’ll should know by now I’m a scatterbrain lol) can literally reflect on EVERYTHING that we are doing this very moment.

Currently entries are fun too (at least I think they are.) There’s no pressure, just us, a pen (pencil or markers) and our journal.  There are no right or wrong answers. It’s a boundless entry that could inspire you.

So how do you do a CURRENTLY entry?


There are a variety of templates or you could just create your own, just choose 5-8 different currently topics (or use them all):















WEARING (hehe)

OR…You could print off my version of a currently entry have some fun with me!


Do you like the CURRENTLY entry? Have you tried it? Share your thoughts on this instant entry in the comments below.

Until next time, stay blessed and creative!


ENDURING MIND: Words of Wisdom- Toni Morrison



Novelist Toni Morrison has been one of my creative inspirations for many years. Beloved has been one of my all time favorite books. It had an essence of supernatural folk lore and a touch of family ties that inspired many of the concepts and characters in much of my fiction pieces.

Today, I wanted to share some of Morrison’s most inspiring quotes, along with journal prompts (YAY!)  I created, inspired by her enduring words:


PROMPT: Who are YOU really? What is your uncensored and unapologetic self made up of? Have you embraced your true self?


PROMPT: What do you want to create? How will you create it?



PROMPT: What impact can you make on those around you?

timothy 7

PROMPT: How will you inspire others while chasing your dreams?


PROMPT: If you didn’t have a care in the world, what could you accomplish?

f3toni morrison


PROMPT: BREAK STUFF! Not literally but verbally. Unleash all your current angst on paper right now!

Which quote has your mind racing? Share your favorite quote and journal response with me in the comments.

Until next time, stay blessed and inspired!


ENDURING MIND: 10 Things to Journal About This Month

10ThingsToJournalAbout Logo


Good Morning Optimists and Happy Monday!

I decided in 205, I would change things up and switch my posting days. I will still post on Fridays but I changed my first day from Wednesday to Monday so I can share some inspiration early in the week!

I have some great content coming this month and this year for you all, so I hope that you stick around with me in 2015!

That being said, let’s kick off the new blog schedule with some journal inspiration!

Readers have asked me where I get the inspiration for my journal prompts? I seriously get inspired through my life and the things that I feel that I need the most. When I create my newsletter for the week, I follow the same format and I write down positive words that relate to the theme of the week and so forth.

This month, I thought about what the new month and the new year represents and it inspired a new monthly feature: 10 THINGS TO JOURNAL ABOUT THIS MONTH!

At the start of each month, I will share 10 inspirations and topics for us to fill our journal pages with.

This month is always about renewal, starting over, setting goals and growth; here are my journal inspirations for the month:

10Things1-31. Your Vision: What is your vision for 2015? What goals do you want to accomplish in this new year!

2. Hobbies to Try: What hobby have you always wanted to try? Reflect on a creative outlet that you want to try out in 2015.

3. Travel: Who doesn’t want to see the world? Draft a list of places you want to see in the new year and start saving those pennies :)

10Things4-54. Create a Wish List: This is the year that we start treating ourselves. Create a list of items and activities to treat yourself with in the new year.

5. Changes: Reflect on what changes mean for you this year? What changes do you anticipate? What changes do you dread? What changes are you planning on?



6. Fear: What fear are you ready to get over this year? Recall where this fear came from  and how can you get over it?

7. A Childhood Friend: Go back down memory lane and think about a friend from your childhood. Are you still close? If not, what caused you to drift apart?



8. Remembrance: Write a loved one who has passed on. Recall your favorite memory with them. Tell them how you’re doing on earth. Write a prayer in their memory.

9. Create a 2015 Bucket List: Draft your list of awesome for the year. What do you want to do, what do you want to try and what do you want to conquer? Make it happen in 2015!

10. Celebrate Your Success This Month: Whether you worked out for a full week, learned how to knit or went on a date, document as many successes as you can this month!

What will you feature in your journals this month? Share your journal inspirations in the comments below.

Until next time, stay blessed and inspired!



ENDURING LIFE: Hello January and Hello 2015



Good Morning Optimists!

Welcome to a new month and a NEW YEAR! I hope that everyone celebrated the wake of 2015 with love, joy and maybe a few sips of bubbly too.

Now that we have celebrated the launch of a new year, it is time to focus on some goals. I have been spending the last two weeks reflecting on my progress from 2014 and my goals for 2015.

One thing that I realized was that 2014 was a real year of learning and gaining experience. I went through a lot of trials and errors while developing, launching and relaunching projects. The overall outcomes of these endeavors have prepared me for new levels of greatness in 2015!

This is a year of manifestation and of course, more growth and development.

For the year, I have goals designated for myself, my marriage, my family, fiances and of course my business. I thought I would share a few from each category with you:


  • Get at more sleep. I would love to say, I will get 8 hours a day but I can’t, BUT I will say that I plan to get to bed by 10pm during the weekdays and by 11:30pm on the Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Drink more green tea and water
  • Treat myself every two weeks :)


  • Pray for my husband and our marriage daily.
  • Write my husband a love letter once a week.


  • Incorporate more Family Date Nights into our routine
  • Read at least 30 mins daily with the kids.
  • Plan and go on a mini family vacation in June of 2015


  • Save $3,000 this year!
  • Establish and Emergency Fund
  • Begin the house buying process!


  • Write and publish my next book by March 2015
  • Draft and finalize my business plan, The Optimist Lounge.
  • Host 2 Optimist Lounge meetup/events this year.

This month, I am focusing hard on various aspects of my brand and continuing to educate myself on marketing and business. This month, I am working on

  1. My next book. I will spending the month brainstorming the content and the layout of my next book. I will also be creating a tracker and schedule for the start and completion of this book to keep me productive and organized.
  2. My business plan. My goal is to spend the first half of 2015 drafting my business plan for The Optimist Lounge then spending the last 6 months of the year working on being this vision to life.
  3. Finally, I am saving up for my first screen printing kit (I am VERY excited about this). The purchase of this kit will be a serious investment for my business and future projects. I will be creating a tracker for my saving on this as well.

In addition to my goals, I thought I would share my productivity essentials for the month:


I opted not to use the Passion Planner this month. I purchased this one back in October from Half Price Books for less then $10 and I decided that I will make the best of it. So far I am liking it. Space is limited but it serves a purpose. 
I opted not to use the Passion Planner this year. I purchased this one back in October from Half Price Books for less then $10 and I decided that I will make the best of it. So far I am liking it. Space is limited but it serves a purpose.


My journal essentials for the month. My TOMS journal for personal reflection and my creative productivity journal for all my daily tasks!
My journal essentials for the month. My TOMS journal for personal reflection and my creative productivity journal for all my daily tasks!


My books for the month include a book about writing your first business plan, a book about time management for creatives and a book about mastering social media marketing in a week.
My books for the month include a book about writing your first business plan, a book about time management for creatives and a book about mastering social media marketing in a week.

Of course, I want to know what your goals are for 2015 and for the month of January. Do you know what you want to achieve in 2015 and this month?

If you have yet to set your goals or need some additional inspiration, click on the links below for special printables dedicated to goal setting,vision planning and my monthly goal setting worksheet too.

AIM 2015 Reflection Page

AIM 2015 Vision Page


How do you plan to achieve in 2015? Share one of your yearly goals and this month’s goal in the comments below, on Facebook or my Instagram page (@the_enduringoptimist)

Until next time, Happy New Year, Optimists!






Good Morning Optimists!

How are we doing on this LAST day of 2014?! This has been on hell of year and I am thankful for every single one of these 365 days! I accomplished a lot this year on both a personal and professional basis.

I got married (YAY!), was blessed with a job and I have been working hard on my blog.

It has been a very productive year for my blog and I thought I would share some of my favorite posts from the year.



I have been blogging off and on for over 8 years now; initially I lacked a focus and a niche. After some reflection and blogging on WordPress for nearly two years, I found my focus, rebranded my blog and dubbed myself a soul blogger.

A blessed opportunity:  MY ENDURING LIFE: FUSION TOUR 2014 CHICAGO

The big event is coming THIS Saturday!

Covering the Fusion Tour was one of the biggest highlights of my year. I met some amazing women and I won an hour session that jump started the later half of 2014.



The day I experienced the not so  great side of being a parent.


Photo Courtesy of BlackDoctors.org's Facebook Page
Photo Courtesy of BlackDoctors.org’s Facebook Page

My reflection and revelation after the loss of For Brown Girls creator, Karyn Washington.



Celebrating life, love and music with one of my favorite artists.


I would like to think I bring out the silly side of him lol.
I would like to think I bring out the silly side of him lol.

5 years in and I have learned quite a lot about myself and love.



I finally decided to break it down and answer a somewhat age old question…


The Optimist's Guide to Journaling COMING OCTOBER 2014
The Optimist’s Guide to Journaling COMING OCTOBER 2014

I’m a published author!!

I seriously cannot thank all you enough for taking the time out this year to visit, like and leave comments on my blog. As a special thanks, I have created a year in review printable for 2014.

Use it to reflect on your year then great ready to make moves in 2015!


2015 is going to be fantastic here on the blog! Starting January 5th, I will be blogging Mondays and Fridays :) and I have some great content coming your way! Be sure to like The Enduring Optimist on Facebook and follow me on Instagram (@the_enduringoptimist) for additional content.

Here’s to the new year, Optimists!

Stay blessed,


ENDURING LIFE: Got Passion? There’s a Planner for That! (Review)

PassionPlanner Review Logo

Well I am finally here to deliver the goods! I stumbled upon the Passion Planner while doing research for the Optimist Kit. I spent a good hour- maybe 2 reading through the website and checking out what this Passion Planner was about. After reading about it and seeing the layout, I knew that I had to have this planner!

From its sleek design, size and of course the layout drew me in, plus the idea of absolute creative productivity at my fingertips, I was intrigued. I was blessed to receive my Passion Planner as a gift from my editor (thanks Bacon!) I received mine in late June and I immediately went to work using it.

What I have loved about using the Passion Planner is the size. I have been searching for a planner that was as close to the standard size of  a piece of paper and this one was perfect. I also enjoyed the neutral look of the planner, it’s a sleek design and can be carried around by the most fashionable chick to the most laid back guy.

Of course, first and foremost, the Passion Planner keeps you organized.



This planner has a monthly layout as well as a weekly one with time slots for each day of the week, starting from 6am to 10:30pm. There is space for to-do lists (personal and work) and a space for random thoughts and ideas (my favorite spot)

In addition to keeping your organized, the Passion Planner’s layout is smooth and easy to utilize.


This layout doesn’t intimidate, in fact it inspires you to fill the spaces and time slots with meetings, projects and tasks. By  the end of the week, you’ve not only conquered your tasks, you have a creative account of your entire week, ideas to follow up on and much more.

Finally, I enjoyed how engaging the Passion Planner was. Each weekly page encourages you to draft a to-do list and record the good things that you encounter throughout the week.



There’s also a special space to draft your weekly focus, a weekly quote and a positive activity with a challenge to complete it by the end of the week.

I have been using my Passion Planner faithfully for the last 6 months and as much as I loved the layout, there were just a few issues I had with it:

The faux leather cover, while durable, it started to pull after a few weeks of use.


Another look at the wear:


I know, I’m knit picking about the wear and tear but I don’t think I should have had THIS much due to the fact that I carried my planner in my purse most of the time (I carry big purses lol).  Aside from the wear, I also found myself craving more space. There are are additional pages after each month for reflection but for me, I wanted more.



The monthly goal section was small and did not offer enough space to truly write out your goals and action plans.

When I was nearing the end of my experience with the Passion Planner, I contemplated whether or not I wanted to purchase another one or find a brand new planner for 2015 and while on my search, I discovered the Action Day Planner.

The Action Day Planner has been around for a while and has very similar elements of the Passion Planner for the less the money.  The layouts are different; however; the concepts are the same.  Like the Passion Planner, there is an area to draft your goals ,write out your to -do lists and track your daily schedule. You can check out the Action Day Planner here.

After seeing the Action Day Planner and the Passion Planner, I see both of them as equal, it just depends on what you’re looking for most out of your planner.

In the last two months, I stepped up the creativity by creating a monthly vision page along side the monthly calendar layout and color coordinating items with Sharpie pens too.


So overall, the Passion Planner is an ideal planner for those serious about discovering and chasing their dreams. And although it has some passable flaws, it is conventional, engaging and universal for both men and women.  I definitely recommend this planner for those new to planner and those who are ready to step into their purpose in the new year.

If you have not tried out the Passion Planner, check it out on the their website and print out a week or twp for yourself to try it out.

Have you tried the Passion Planner yet? If so, what’s been your experience? Good, bad, indifferent? Have you purchased the 2015 planner yet? Share your thoughts on the Passion Planner with me below.

Until next time, stay blessed and unique!


ENDURING MUSINGS: These are a Few of my Favorite (HOLIDAY) Things


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Optimists! We are just hours away from one of the best times of the year! Yep, Christmas is here and I am sharing some of my holiday favorites. From treats to movies, I’m giving you all a peek into the little things that bring me joy during this time of year!



  1. Holiday Movie: Okay, I can’t just choose one. I have THREE movies that confirm to me that Christmas is here and they are: A Christmas Story, Scrooged and A Muppets’ Christmas Carol.  Each one I cherish dearly.  I don’t start watching A Christmas Story until Christmas Eve (we downsized our cable so I don’t get TBS BUT I did just purchase the DVD from Target for under $10), I watch Scrooged all December long (it’s available on Netflix now BTW) and I can seriously recent EVERY line from the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol. That movie makes me smile and plus I LOVE Muppets.
  2. Holiday Treat: Anything peppermint flavored. From coffee creamer to marshmallows, I love it all! I am one giddy woman when Starbuck unleashes its Peppermint Mocha for the season. Something about that flavor during this time of year makes happy. It’s sweet, cooling and even warms you up too. It’s PERFECT!
  3. Holiday Song: I have two…”This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway and “So this is Christmas” by John Lennon. Hathaway’s version always reminds me of my childhood at Christmas time. My mom played the song all the time while she cooked Christmas dinner. And John Lennon’s song always helps me remember those who may not be able to celebrate the holidays as they deserve. The song grounds me when I get caught up in the hype of the holiday season.
  4. Holiday Drink: When I’m not drinking coffee…Lol. Seriously, I love hot chocolate with TONS of marshmallow (peppermint of course)
  5. Holiday Activity: Making handmade gifts. I love giving gifts from the heart. It’s fun and very personal for me.
  6. Holiday Story: I love the tale of The Polar Express. I love the book and the movie. The message about believing is absolutely beautiful to me.
  7. Holiday Food: Spiral Ham. I don’t normally eat pork but there is something about warm, spiral cut and glazed…OMG, don’t forget the glaze!  I can eat it for days on end either solo, in omelets and sandwiches. I’m telling you, I love it!
  8. Holiday Gift to Give: If I didn’t make it myself, my favorite gift to give is what else? A journal!! I love encouraging people to write whatever is in their hearts and on their minds. I believe in the power of journaling and I try to share that power as often as I can.

What are some of your holiday favorites? Do you have a favorite holiday drink, movie or activity? Share your holiday favorites me in the comments below.

I want to wish everyone a very happy, blessed and creative holiday! I love you all.





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