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Good Morning all! Happy Monday and Happy Valentine’s Day Week!

How was your weekend? I hope you took some time out for yourself and spent some time with those that you love :) Well it’s back to the grind, the kids have a short week and I have an exciting weekend to look forward to but before we all start dreaming of the weekend, we gotta stay on task and before we do that, I wanted to share some cute and funny shareables I found on Pinterest!

Here’s to a great Monday and an even greater week! Enjoy :)

Cat humor and geek humor makes for a cute Valentine!


I literally LOL’d when I first say this!

Sometimes, you just have to remind them of how fortunate they are. Lol

It’s so true!

He’s sexy and he knows it. Too cute!

Here’s to a delightful, blessed and productive day everyone!

Until next time, stay blessed and unique.

-The Enduring Mind

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About The Enduring Mind

My name is not common. My mind is always spinning. I hate darkness and I love butter pecan ice cream. I am a ball of creativity who loves to create. I make jewelry, take pictures, paint pictures, bake stuff, write stuff and break stuff. I am a mother of three, engaged to wed my own worst enemy. A love of all things thrifted, caffeinated, wine related, poetic, vampiric and autobot-ed (hehe). I started a blog to speak, now I won't shut up.


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